To help you achieve your communication objectives for the web and the mobility, WizVox Medias experts are there to guide you in many facets.

WizVox Medias collaborate with a network of professionals with an exceptional experience. WizVox Medias has an advanced knowledge of information technology and visual communications wich they know all the secrets, and which they even discover new applications.

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WizVox Medias develops applications for smartphones and pads
WizVox Medias can create applications on measures for all types of electronic platform. We can also do the marketing and publishing your electronic content such as books, magazines, catalogs, annual report or other.

Planning and production;
Installation and marketing;
Placing products on platforms such as iTunes and Google Play;
Planning and organization of your content.

Internet and multimedia

  • Web Design & Multimedia
  • WordPress Website
  • Website Hosting and emails
  • Secure hosting
  • Domain name reservation
  • Consultation
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Technical support


  • Production and video shooting
  • Webcast Event
  • Video montage
  • Video Compression for the Web
  • Video Compression for iPhone and Android

Other services

  • Catalog and e-commerce
  • Graphic design
  • Content Management
  • Flash Animation
  • Technical support