Saint Lawrence River Secrets

For a safe sailing on the Saint Lawrence River

his manual is designed for the purpose of safety and training for all users of the St. Lawrence River. This fluvial artery, the longest inland waterway in the world, is fascinating in more than one point but can reserve several surprises to the navigator who wants to discover it.

  • Over 250 pages of information on the river
  • Hyperlinks to further information
  • Explanations done by a Meteorologist
  • Useful Information

You will find a directory of 142 places that can be dangerous when winds interfere with coastal topography of the St. Lawrence River. This inventory was conducted using information collected from river users such as fishermen, mariners and boaters and also with the expertise of Marine scientists and representatives of the Canadian Coast Guard.

This information is presented on simplified topographic maps over which are superimposed  data on winds, waves, currents  and topography.

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