Marine Weather Guide

For Coastal navigation, Yachting and Recreational Boating

The Marine Weather Guide is a scientific book which focus on coastal navigation and the effects described therein are found everywhere where the topography and the weather conditions are similar.

  • 30 marine weather phenomenons
  • Explanatory graphics animations
  • Explanations done by a meteorologist
  • Interviews of marine experts
  • Useful Information

Enjoy a fun and complete learning experience on relations between weather, coastal and underwater topography  and their effects on the bodies of water that affect  coastal navigation. Mobile, interactive and intuitive, this Marine weather guide presents scientific information in a simple and enjoyable way and allows you to deepen, on your fingertips, an  informative content  that will serve you well when travelling, while improving your safety and that of your family.

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  • Friendly user, intuitive and easy to understand
  • Rich content  to deepen through videos, pictures and graphic animations
  • Articles, photos, illustrations and videos viewable in full screen mode
  • Regular updates
  • Book available offline once downloaded
  • Access to external links without leaving the app
  • Ability to consult the Marine Weather Guide on a TV screen through AppleTv technology

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