A Leap to an Ecological Economy



A Leap to an Ecological Economy

Third edition

By Dr. Derek Lever Paul


The current pandemic, which we all hope will end soon, will have achieved something unprecedented: international cooperation to develop effective vaccines in record time. But there is another calamity, more insidious and less recognized because it acts in a long-term and unequal way on the planet: climate change.

Dr. Derek Lever Paul, physicist and professor emeritus, has spent several years of his life thinking about this important issue. His approach to the subject is innovative because it tackles the problem through economics. For Dr. Paul, it is essential and urgent to change and adopt a new approach to the global economy in order to avoid, in his words, hitting a wall.

Mr. Paul therefore proposes a new economic system based on the well-being and health of all living things on our planet. The Ecological Economy will be based on the sound management of natural resources, rather than solely on profit. The role of money will be called upon to change; it will no longer direct our destinies but will instead be used to facilitate projects that will not only create employment for all, but that will allow for a healthy use of resources and an improvement of our entire environment for our benefit and that of future generations.

It is with honour and pride that we present to you, in the form of an interactive multimedia manual, the third edition of the book “A Leap to an Ecological Economy” by author Derek Paul. We are convinced that this new economic approach will eventually lead to decisions that will lead us all to a better future.


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